Meeting Detail

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
1:32 PM
local time
Location: Radisson Hotel Saskatoon DaVinci Ballrooom, 405 Twentieth Street East, Saskatoon SK
Clerk: Gaëtane Lemay (613) 993-8968
Study on the involvement of Aboriginal communities and businesses in economic development activities
  • Gregg Fofonoff, CEO (Sasknative Economic Development Corporation)
  • Richard Gladue, Assistant Deputy Minister (Saskatchewan First Nations and Métis Relations)
  • Marianne Ironquill Meadmore (As an individual)
  • Lester D. Lafond, President (Lafond Insurance and Financial Services Ltd.)
  • Kelly Lendsay, President and CEO (Aboriginal Human Resource Development Council of Canada)
  • Crystal McLeod, Chair of the Board (SIEF Investments Inc.)
  • Lucy Pelletier, Chairperson (Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation Board)
Meeting with Transcription and Interpretation