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Televised live on PTN
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Thursday, May 3, 2007
10:47 AM ET
Location: Room 2, Victoria Building
Clerk: Barbara Reynolds (613) 992-3827
Health of Canada’s population - the social determinants of health
  • Ken Battle, President (Caledon Institute of Social Policy)
  • Greg deGroot-Maggetti, Acting Chairperson (National Council of Welfare)
  • Shawn Pegg, Acting Director of Public Policy and Research (Canadian Association of Food Banks)
  • Rob Rainer, Executive Director (National Anti-Poverty Organization (NAPO))
  • Sheila Regehr, Director (National Council of Welfare)
  • Nancy Shular, First Vice-President, Board of Directors (National Anti-Poverty Organization (NAPO))
  • Dianne Swinemear, Executive Director, Feed Nova Scotia, Member of the Board of Directors (Canadian Association of Food Banks)
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