Briefs and Other Documents

Briefs and submissions received are distributed to committee members and retained in the archives to form part of the official records of the committee. These documents are posted publicly, once they are available in both official languages. Committees may also decide to post other types of documents, such as correspondence or tabled documents that are filed as exhibits, or reports from their subcommittees. If the document you are looking for is not listed, please contact the Senate Committees Directorate at

id Organization Submitter Appearance Received Date note
Bill C-46, An Act to amend the National Energy Board Act and the Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act
Assembly of First Nations Cameron Alexis Jun 02, 2015 Pdf
Assembly of First Nations Cameron Alexis Jun 02, 2015 Pdf
Federation of Canadian Municipalities Brad Woodside Jun 02, 2015 Pdf
Canada's Building Trades Unions Robert Blakely, Canadian Affairs May 28, 2015 Pdf
As an Individual Brenda Kenny May 28, 2015 Pdf
Union des producteurs agricoles Martin Caron May 28, 2015 Pdf
As an Individual Martin Olszynski, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law May 28, 2015 Pdf
Natural Resources Canada Jeff Labonté May 26, 2015 Pdf
Bill C-40, An Act respecting the Rouge National Urban Park
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Alison Woodley Mar 06, 2015 Pdf
City of Markham Jack Heath Mar 02, 2015 Pdf
David Suzuki Foundation Lisa Gue Feb 23, 2015 Pdf
Bill C-22, An Act respecting Canada’s offshore oil and gas operations, enacting the Nuclear Liability and Compensation Act, repealing the Nuclear Liability Act and making consequential amendments to other Acts
Natural Resources Canada Jeff Labonté Dec 11, 2014 Pdf
The subject matter of those elements contained in Divisions 3, 28, and 29 of Part 4 of Bill C-43, A second Act to implement certain provisions of the budget tabled in Parliament on February 11, 2014 and other measures
Canadian Polar Commission David J. Scott Feb 03, 2015 Pdf
Publish What You Pay-Canada Claire Woodside Jan 07, 2015 Pdf
Canadian Bar Association Noah Arshinoff Nov 25, 2014 Pdf
Bill S-6, An Act to amend the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act and the Nunavut Waters and Nunavut Surface Rights Tribunal Act
Teslin Tlingit Council Kaitlin Wilson Mar 09, 2015 Pdf
Yukon Conservation Society Lewis Rifkind Mar 09, 2015 Pdf
Mayo District Renewable Resources Council Frank Patterson Feb 19, 2015 Pdf
Champagne and Aishihik First Nations James Allen Oct 03, 2014 Pdf
Northwest Territories and Nunavut Chamber of Mines Elizabeth Kingston Oct 02, 2014 Pdf
Mining Association of Canada Pierre Gratton Oct 02, 2014 Pdf
Council of Yukon First Nations Ruth Massie Sep 25, 2014 Pdf
Study on non-renewable and renewable energy development including energy storage, distribution, transmission, consumption and other emerging technologies in Canada's three northern territories
Government of Yukon Manon Moreau, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources May 12, 2015 Pdf
Yukon Housing Corporation Pamela Hine May 07, 2015 Pdf
Alaska Energy Authority Sara Fisher-Goad May 05, 2015 Pdf
As an Individual Axel Have May 05, 2015 Pdf
Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. Chris Bertoli Apr 29, 2015 Pdf
Nunavut Housing Corporation Lori Kimball Apr 02, 2015 Pdf
Government of Nunavut Arif Sayani, Department of Economic Development & Transportation Apr 02, 2015 Pdf
Northwest Territories Power Corporation Emanuel DaRosa Mar 31, 2015 Pdf
SSi Micro Ltd. Jeff Philipp Mar 31, 2015 Pdf
Natural Resources Canada Dean Haslip Mar 24, 2015 Pdf
Yukon Energy Corporation Andrew Hall Mar 24, 2015 Pdf
Canadian GeoExchange Coalition Denis Tanguay Nov 20, 2014 Pdf
Qulliq Energy Corporation Alain Barriault Nov 20, 2014 Pdf
Canadian Wind Energy Association Tim Weis Oct 30, 2014 Pdf
QUEST Gordon Van Tighem Oct 28, 2014 Pdf
Dunedin Energy Systems Ltd. Peter Lang Oct 21, 2014 Pdf
Sustainable Development Technology Canada Rick Whittaker Jun 12, 2014 Pdf
First Nations Financial Management Board Harold Calla Apr 03, 2014 Pdf