Special Senate Committee on Senate Modernization

MDRN - Current Members

Tony,Dean  Photo

Tony Dean
ISG - (Ontario)

Art,Eggleton  Photo

Art Eggleton
Lib. - (Ontario - Toronto)

Joan,Fraser  Photo

Joan Fraser
Lib. - (Quebec - De Lorimier)

Linda,Frum  Photo

Linda Frum
C - (Ontario)

Stephen,Greene  Photo

Stephen Greene
ISG - (Nova Scotia - Halifax - The Citadel)

Serge,Joyal  Photo

Serge Joyal
Lib. - (Quebec - Kennebec)

Frances,Lankin  Photo

Frances Lankin
ISG - (Ontario)

Paul J.,Massicotte  Photo

Paul J. Massicotte
ISG - (Quebec - De Lanaudière)

Elaine,McCoy  Photo

Elaine McCoy
ISG - (Alberta)

Thomas J.,McInnis  Photo

Thomas J. McInnis
C - (Nova Scotia)

Thanh Hai,Ngo  Photo

Thanh Hai Ngo
C - (Ontario)

Victor,Oh  Photo

Victor Oh
C - (Ontario - Mississauga)

Carolyn,Stewart Olsen  Photo

Carolyn Stewart Olsen
C - (New Brunswick)

Josée,Verner  Photo

Josée Verner
ISG - (Quebec - Montarville)

David M.,Wells  Photo

David M. Wells
C - (Newfoundland and Labrador)

The following are ex officio members of all committees except for the Standing Committee on Ethics and Conflict of Interest for Senators and the joint committees:

  • the Leader of the Government (Government Representative) and the Leader of the Opposition or, in the absence of either, their respective Deputy Leaders; and

Pursuant to the Order of the Senate of November 7, 2017:

  • the Legislative Deputy to the Government Representative or the Government Liaison, in the absence of the Government Representative; and
  • the leader or facilitator of any recognized party or recognized parliamentary group or, in their absence, the designated deputy leader or deputy facilitator.