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Standing Committee on Audit and Oversight

New Audit and Oversight committee holds first meeting

November 26, 2020

The new Standing Committee on Audit and Oversight held its first meeting on Wednesday to elect its chair and deputy chair, and to begin establishing a process to select its two external members.

Senator David M. Wells was elected chair of the committee; Senator Renée Dupuis will serve as deputy chair. Senator Percy E. Downe also sits on the committee.

The committee has the power to audit all Senate spending. It will review the Senate’s quarterly financial reports and financial statements, and it must report to the Senate at least once a year with observations and recommendations. Those reports will be public. Committee proceedings will be carried live on the SenParlVU.


Quick Facts

  • Senator David M. Wells’ motion to create the audit committee was unanimously adopted by the Senate on October 1, 2020. According to the motion, the committee is to act “for the purposes of integrity, independence, transparency and accountability.”


  • The committee is another example of the Senate’s commitment to transparency and accountability. The Senate has been proactively publishing quarterly reports on expenditures by senators and members of the Senate Administration since 2016.


  • The Senate has also inspired increased transparency in Parliament. The Standing Committee on Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration — which is responsible for the internal management of the Senate — made its meetings public in May 2016. Its House of Commons counterpart, the Board of Internal Economy, followed suit a year later.



“The committee will report to the Senate — but our duty is to the public. The audit committee’s work will provide another layer of accountability so Canadians can have confidence that their tax dollars are being spent wisely and responsibly.”

- Senator David M. Wells, Chair of the committee


“All Senate groups supported the creation of this committee, which clearly shows the institution’s commitment to transparency and accountability. We look forward to contributing to the robust oversight of Senate spending.” 

- Senator Renée Dupuis, Deputy Chair of the committee


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