routine proceedings — United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Bill

Time Allocation--Notice of Motion

June 14, 2019


Honourable senators, I give notice that, at the next sitting of the Senate, I will move:

That, notwithstanding any provision of the Rules, usual practice, or previous order:

1.if the Senate has not completed proceedings on Bill C-262 by 3 p.m. on June 19, 2019, the Speaker interrupt any proceedings then before the Senate to dispose of the bill without further debate, amendment or adjournment, provided that if the bill is on the Orders of the Day for third reading, but third reading has not yet been moved, a motion for third reading be deemed to have been moved and seconded;

2.if a vote is underway at the time provided for in point 1, the terms of that point take effect immediately after the vote and any consequential business;

3.if a standing vote on Bill C-262 had been deferred so that it would normally occur after the time provided in point 1, the vote be instead dealt with at the time provided for in point 1, as if it were deferred to that time, and then be governed by the other terms of this order;

4.if a standing vote on Bill C-262 is requested after the Speaker is required to interrupt proceedings under the terms of this order, the vote not be deferred and the bells to call in the senators ring only once and for 15 minutes, without the further ringing of the bells in relation to any subsequent standing votes requested during that sitting in relation to the bill;

5.if the Senate does not sit on June 19, 2019, the provisions of point 1 and other provisions of this order govern proceedings on Bill C-262 at the next sitting of the Senate as if that day were the day specified in this order;

6.on the day the Senate must dispose of Bill C-262 under this order, no motion to adjourn the Senate be received, and the provisions of the Rules and any previous order relating to the time of automatic adjournment and the suspension of the sitting at 6 p.m. be suspended until all questions necessary to dispose of the bill have been dealt with; and

7.for greater certainty, nothing in this order prevent proceedings on Bill C-262 from concluding before the date provided for in this order.