Scott Tannas

Senator Scott Tannas


Scott Tannas is a proud Albertan who was born in High River, Alberta where he resides with his wife Taryn. Together, they have four adult children and three grandchildren.

Senator Tannas is Founder of Western Financial Group Inc. (“Western”), having served as its CEO from 1996 to 2014. From humble beginnings as a small town insurance agent in High River, he engineered the building of Western while fostering a corporate culture of truthfulness, fairness, value, and loyalty. The company now has more than 1800 employees working in over 160 offices that stretch across the west from Winnipeg to the Pacific coast.

Senator Tannas’ interest in public service was inspired by his father, Don Tannas, who, after a successful career as an educator and small businessman, was elected as a Conservative MLA for the riding of Highwood and Deputy Speaker of the Alberta Legislature. After giving it much consideration, Scott Tannas ventured into politics himself as one of 13 candidates in the 2012 Alberta Senator-in-Waiting elections, where he was elected and ultimately appointed to the Senate by The Right Honourable Stephen Harper on March 22, 2013.

Scott Tannas is a founding member and Leader of the Canadian Senators Group. He is making Senate Reform one of his key priorities as a Senator, and was a founding member of the Special Senate Committee on Senate Modernization, which delivered a series of reports advocating sweeping changes to the operations of the Senate. Senator Tannas is also a member of the Senate Standing Committee on Ethics and Conflict of Interest.

In addition to his Senate duties, Scott Tannas remains active in the western Canadian business community. He remains an advisor to the next generation of leaders at Western Financial Group. He is also founder and CEO of Western Investment Company of Canada which invests in strong successful enterprises headquartered in western Canada.