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Keep tabs on parliamentary business with LEGISinfo
Keep tabs on parliamentary business with LEGISinfo
April 16, 2018

Keeping track of what the Parliament of Canada is doing is as easy as clicking a mouse.

LEGISinfo is a tool that allows anyone to learn about bills that are being considered by the Senate or the House of Commons.

Every proposal to create a new law or change an existing one is at users’ fingertips, around the clock and around the world.

The site’s search feature allows users to find the full text of any bill, different versions of the bill, its status in the legislative process and the results of votes taken at second and third reading. Each bill also includes a brief summary.

The Senate of Canada, through Twitter, also offers plain-language summaries of bills it is considering.

LEGISinfo also includes versions of every bill that is before Parliament, from the day it is introduced for first reading until it receives Royal Assent, the final step when a bill becomes a law.

Canadians can also find links to speeches given by senators or members of the House of Commons, with a dedicated link to major speeches given at second reading.

For government bills, LEGISinfo provides links to press releases and backgrounders.

Lastly, LEGISinfo offers information about when a new bill comes into force, or takes effect, which is often different from when it receives Royal Assent.

Researchers can use the site to dive into Canadian history and explore electronic versions of every bill that has been proposed since Canada’s 35th Parliament, which began in 1994.

LEGISinfo is a collaborative service provided jointly by the Senate, the House of Commons and the Library of Parliament.