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Senators honour educators for World Teachers’ Day
October 5, 2018

Everyone has that one teacher who left an indelible mark on them in school. The one whose name you never forget and whose wisdom and advice stay with you for the rest of your life. That’s what World Teachers’ Day is all about.

Four senators are paying tribute to all teachers around the world on October 5 to mark World Teachers’ Day and especially to the ones who had a significant impact on them during their formative years.



Senator Jane Cordy shares a story about the moment her principal announced to her school that she was being appointed to the Senate.



Senator Mary Jane McCallum shares a story about how a new teacher provided comfort and guidance to her shortly after leaving a residential school.



Senator Grant Mitchell talks about one of his former teachers, Jorn Brauer, who is now a lifelong friend.  


Senator Percy Mockler recalls his teacher who came to his house when he was younger to make sure he went to school.