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Snowy Owls: Winter Break
December 15, 2020

This winter, many Canadians are having to move their holiday celebrations online. After nine months of video calls and adapted schooling, it might be hard to come up with new ways to pass the time. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place! The Senate of Canada’s little helpers have cooked up some new online activities to keep you connected and entertained this holiday season!

Challenge your classmates, friends and family to an “I Spy” game and a scavenger hunt on the Senate’s virtual tour – or tune in together to hear live bell music played from the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill.

No matter if you’re an adventurer, a musician, a sleuth or a parliamentary whiz – there’s something here for you. Fun times are guaranteed, and you’ll learn a little something about the Senate too. Happy hunting!

Senate Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunt

An exciting virtual adventure is just the ticket if you’re spending this holiday season at home! Challenge your friends and family (or yourself!) to a holiday scavenger hunt on the Senate Virtual Tour, where people of all ages can dive into the history of Centre Block’s hidden treasures.

Senate Sleuth Word Search

Test your sleuthing skills with this word search fit for a cold and windy day. Whether you’re at school or snuggled by the fire at home, this activity is for you! Can you find all the topics studied by Senate committees? Bonus points if you can guess the total number of Senate standing committees (hint: some committees study more than one topic).

I Spy… In the Senate of Canada Building…

What do the Senate Mace, the Peace Tower and a snowman all have in common? They’re all hidden in this Senate of Canada Building I Spy! The holiday spirit is strong in this former train station – so strong, in fact, that you may find it in unexpected places. Challenge your siblings, friends and classmates to see who can spot the hidden items the fastest!

Senate 101: Holiday Edition

‘Tis the season for turkey, tinsel… and Senate trivia! Think you know all there is to know about Parliament’s Upper Chamber? Test your knowledge with this Senate of Canada Kahoot! This game-based quiz is perfect for the classroom or some (friendly) family competition.

Just Hear Those Sleigh Carillon Bells Jingling

What’s merrier than 53 bells ringing to the tune of holiday classics? The Peace Tower carillon will be spreading good cheer this month with traditional holiday carols, as it does every December. But you don’t have to be in Ottawa to enjoy the ‘ding dong’ of Parliament’s big bells in song – the Dominion Carillonneur’s recitals are streamed live online. Invite your loved ones to tune in from across the country for a physically distanced sing-along!