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Senate pages are sworn in
November 8, 2017

Each year, 15 students from across Canada are selected to participate in the Senate Page Program. On October 26, 2017, another class of Senate pages was sworn in for the year.

Pages are responsible for providing a range of services to ensure the effective operation of the Senate and its committees. They often get to witness first-hand history in the making, as bills are debated, amended and become law. 

To qualify as a page, one must be studying full-time towards a first undergraduate degree. Former pages have studied in various programs, such as Political Science, Law, History, Economics, Management, English, French, Psychology, Health Sciences, Music, etc.

Many pages continue to work on Parliament Hill after their time in the program. Former pages have gone on to work in senators' offices due to the knowledge they picked up over the course of the program. They have also found employment in the Senate Administration as legislative clerks, committee clerks and principal clerks, as well as within the Parliamentary Protective Service.

Interested in applying to be a Senate page? Find out more here.

Another year, another cohort of eager undergraduate students joining the Senate page program. Here they are entering the Senate Chamber for their swearing-in ceremony.

Several senators are in attendance for the ceremony to welcome the newcomers to the Chamber.

Speaker George J. Furey along with Senator Peter Harder, Government Representative in the Senate, and the Senate pages rise for a singing of the national anthem before taking their oaths to Queen and country.

The Senate pages are joined in front of the throne by Senator Kim Pate, Senator Marilou McPhedran, Usher of the Black Rod J. Greg Peters, Senator Raymonde Gagné and Senator Yonah Martin.

With an exciting year ahead of work in the Senate Chamber, in Senate committees and at other special events and ceremonies in Parliament, the Senate pages have an incredible experience in store for them.